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Some people have been wondering what prompted me to write this last Friday as my FB status:

Audrey Mika Leong I have a question for my muslim friends, what is the penalty for damaging other people's property and stealing during the month of Ramadhan? ._.

I had no chance to explain. Not when the incident happened just 5 hours before I was South-bound for Singapore.

I was driving home from Taman Connaught at approximately 3.50pm on Friday and I came to a halt in from the traffic light junction of Bandar Tun Razak's mosque. In a split second, my front passenger side window was smashed and my bag was snatched from my seat. It happened so fast that I didn't spot the motorcycle brand/type/license plate. Heck, I don't even know what color the assailant was wearing.

All I knew was that my window was smashed and my bag has been snatched.

The irony? There was only RM15 in my wallet.

The complete damage:
1) Car window: RM162 (covered by insurance)
2) Wallet: I/C, Driving license and MPSJ saman
3) Student card, University Medical Center card, Meal Plan cash card
4) 2 calculators: One HP financial calculator (RM125) and one Casio scientific calculator (RM70?)
5) 2 Sony M2 memory cards: 4GB and 2GB (I packed them into my wallet cause I was worried I would forget them for my trip ;w; Now my camera is memory card-less. These are shit expensive, original memory cards mind you. Non-original memory cards will apparently 'blow up' in your camera =w= These are about RM200 in total)
6) Pencil case
7) File which contains my meeting logs with my Final Year Project supervisor *headdesks*
8) 2 pairs of keys: One pair to my Serdang house, the other to my home in KL
EDIT: 9) 3 ATM cards (all my accounts are currently non-accessible)

Other things are non-important things like my lip balm... I don't remember what else is missing. Luckily, I took out things like my handphone earphones because I wanted to pack them for the Singapore trip. I am so thankful that I always take out my handphone and leave it at a accessible spot while I drive. If not, my one-month old phone would have been taken as well =w=

All material things can be replaced. Yes, it's heartbreaking for me that things like my financial calculator (which is shit expensive) is gone. Things like my student card has some form of nostalgia to me =/ When I get my student card replaced, it'll be a color scheme that is the same as the juniors =w= Damn.

But the trauma... is a different thing. The scene of my car window breaking keeps playing over and over again on my mind. And my voice shaking when I called my dad to tell him what happened. I keep wondering if only I reacted earlier, would the assailants fail to get my things or would the POLICE 4WD across the road notice that I was struggling?

And most importantly, why is it the one time I was careless, something like this happens?

Oh well. Lesson learned. My bag sits on the carpeted floor now onwards.
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