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Was out for a movie and dinner with [livejournal.com profile] ezelthecheezel.

PLEASE DO NOT WATCH 'VAMPIRES SUCK'. They should really rename the movie to 'THIS MOVIE SUCKS' or something like that. Yes, it may appeal to those twilight bashers out there but really now, this is too much. It was funny, yes. But it's not witty. To some point, it was really too stupid to comprehend =w=

I guess only people who has watched the movie and hated it would understand this parody orz.

Dinner was at Spaghetti Grill. Food was worth it and good! Don't underestimate a Chillis lookalike lol! As for the review, I'll keep it for another day. Chillis is currently closed for renovation if I'm not wrong

I got a few things from Art Friend and MPH today.

Black and brown cloth dye, black paper (I still have one butterfly wing to complete), blue copic marker (which is shit expensive argh x.x) and a note book to replace the one I lost.

Art friend has many colors and sizes for copic markers. Except for the fat markers. I got the RM7.90 copic ciao cause this was suppose to be a test run and I didn't want my test run to cost Rm13.90 instead. Ow ow ow x.x

And yay! The 7.90 was worth my money XD The wig hair clipped together with the blue clip is 'After' and with the green clip 'Before'. I'm just wondering how much I need to roughly dye the whole 80cm wig orz. Let's see how happy I am with the wig when the marker runs out ink lol.

It does look more similar to the correct color but the dyed area looks a little bright =/

And test shots for another blue wig LOL. It's surprising how many characters I'm cosplaying that have blue hair.

When I first put the wig on in Singapore, I was utterly horrified because the wig had poofeed and it looked like a blue... porcupine. Something of that sort. This was after it has been drip-dried. It looks tamer. And yes, there's a fringe but it's currently too long that it covers my eyes so I pushed it aside.

That being said. I actually fulfilled one of the requests from the photo-meme: [livejournal.com profile] ilunari : Photo of me in my pajamas ._. Yes, I haven't forgotten.

I'll complete the other 2 requests next week while I'm on holiday okay, [livejournal.com profile] ithronluin and [livejournal.com profile] juin_kadsuki
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