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During my recent trip to Singapore, my host's nice, nice parents treated [livejournal.com profile] forlorn_slayer and I to dinner at Soup Restaurant.

And if you think all the food is soupy and all that... it isn't. I really don't know why it's called Soup Restaurant haha.

Soup Restaurant's website can be found here.

We had too much to eat. There was "Cold Chicken", stir-fried fish slices, stir-fried sweet potato leaves, tofu prawn, fried mantou and lotus root & pork rib soup.

That was 4 people. If I had a white flag, I would have waved it lol.

In Singapore, people eat 'cold chicken' with pieces of lettuce. A lot like how we eat stir fried shark's fin and eggs with lettuce. The chicken was however.... tasteless ._. The dipping sauce of garlic and ginger explained a lot. I was content to dipping it into soy sauce though. Despite it being tasteless, the chicken had a nice texture.

THIS! This was absolutely delicious <3 It's tofu prawn. Actually it's japanese tofu, prawns in a egg-y, tomato sauce. I want to make this some time <3 It's really simple but it's really good <3 The fried mantou that went with it was really good too <3

Stir-fried sweet potato leaves and stir-fried fish slices. The fish slices was rather bland. The stir-fried sweet potato leaves were quite bland too =w= but the leaves were tender and just the right texture.


Soup. That's what they're famous for. Luckily, this one was tasty enough. HALLELUJAH! And they were very generous with the lotus root and chunks of pork ribs in it.

Final verdict? The service was fantastic. The waiters were very friendly and they were always responsive whenever you required help. The food however.... let's just say that Malaysia's food is really much better. Soup Restaurant would be pretty good for a Singapore restaurant. *gets kicked*

Date: 2010-09-10 04:19 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile] juin-kadsuki.livejournal.com
Malaysia has this real strong taste. as in.. 重口味.
I guess Singapore is somewhat the same as Taiwan. (I said Taiwan because some of my brother's friends went there for their one month practice, and they said the food there is rather bland compared to what we have in Malaysia) :D

but the food looks nice! SOUP~!

Date: 2010-09-10 05:35 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile] miura-mika.livejournal.com
Haha I get what you mean =/

Yes the food looks good! =D but it's really lacking in taste ;w;


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