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For some reason, my host has been mentioning that Malaysians seem to love Mos Burger.

... I don't exactly love Mos burger =/

Mos burger's website can be found here.

I had a Kakiage burger. Comparing the photo TO the real thing... I was disappointed D= and then I looked for the fine print that says "For illustration purposes only">. I don't quite remember if I saw it though..

The burger doesn't look very appetizing. I mean I did get excited to see a 'rice burger' instead of the normal 'bun burger' but that was it ._.

A Kakiage burger is a seafood burger. There were bits of squid in it which made me happy =D but there were onions in it x.x I had to go through the trouble of removing them. To make matters worse, it was actually a squid-fish-sweet potato-onion patty. All the ingredients were stuck together The sweet potato tasted quite interesting but having it with the rest of the ingredients got rid of the starchy-ness which is actually nice in a sweet potato =/

There was no sauce that came with the burger. I think the patty was 'marinated' with teriyaki sauce so it was a little sweet but still lacking taste considering that a rice burger is actually tasteless.

Overall? The burger is DECENT. Not GOOD but DECENT.

[livejournal.com profile] forlorn_slayer had an Ebi burger. She didn't quite like it. It lacked in the taste department. My brother's first reaction when he saw the photo was... "I thought she was eating a tarantula". If there were enough seaweed, maybe then it'll actually look like a real tarantula.

[livejournal.com profile] a_songfor_xx had a Croquette burger without vegetables. That would explain why it looks incredibly plain. The croquette was nice =D Tasty and soft.

I got a burger set which came with a drink and fries. I like my fries thick so these were nice <3

I would go back to Mos burger but I would be less adventurous and go for the burger buns instead. The prices are worth it if you compare it dollar for dollar. Or dollar for RM eheh.
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