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I've been rather evil lately =/ I've been ignoring my livejournal and updating wordpress so often orz.

If you don't already know of it's existance... Deliciouslogy@wordpress is now my food blog. I just want my posts to be google-able so I decided to use wordpress instead *coughsyioksendiribetulcough*

Final exams begin next week and I've been so lazy, not wanting to study and feeling that my life currently sucks cause it revolves around studying, studying and studying. But hey, all of us have that moment in life and I'm pretty sure there'll be more complains about my working life later on XP

Attended Animangaki yesterday. It was the last outing I was going to have till after my finals so I contemplated for a long time whether to go or not. I'm glad I did =) It was a nice CF reunion where I got to meet people who had just gotten back from overseas and I wasn't running around like a crazy nut. It was nice to see all of you again <3 And most importantly, I got to talk to people instead of a short 'hi-bye'.

<3 <3 <3

I've not raved about my handphone and now I shall~ I've had my Nokia X6 for 5 months now and I really love it <3 The photos I take are clear and it has a slight bokeh effect. Woot <3 Not bad for a 5 mgpx! The music player is louder than usual handphones so I'm happy <3

These photos were taken at Pudu Market, KL. It was so amusing to see the KL tower being flanked by Times Square and the Mini is just adorable~

I had Red Velvet cake for the first time at Bangsar Village <3 I have yet to find out what's so special about it besides the color lol. It tastes just like a normal cake ^^;;

A dress I tried on at Ampang Point recently. It makes me look younger haha but it was too expensive. RM70 ftw.

An amusing scene at my faculty. My university is called 'Universiti Paling Mahal' (aka 'The Most Expensive University') for a reason. Our security never lets go of a chance to clamp our vehicles and make money outta us to the desperate extent of using a long chain to 'clamp' down motorcycles that park illegally.

My group's presentation mahjong sheet during Finishing School. The program was a waste of my weekend. The only benefit I got was the 'How to write your resume/cover letter' part which was about an hour of the 20 hour course.

Pegan, my adorable baby. She's grown a lot and her fur's gotten much better but she'll never been anything more than a baby.

Peggi. She's now deaf, whiny and old. She still demands for our attention 24/7 and still responds very well to food. She doesn't respond to anything otherwise.

And randomly, I was reminded of Ganaesh D. when I saw this pic...

What am I complaining about? Life's pretty good, isn't it? =)
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