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It's now 2 days after Comic Fiesta and yet I still feel the fatigue from lack of sleep!

A good friend of mine recently took a verbal blow for me recently =/ I felt really bad for her and at the same time, I was touched because she was willing to stand up for my beliefs and her own.

When you wear a wig of one character and a costume of another, it's not called creativity. It's called cosfooling. Even the most novice of cosplayers would be able to understand that. Just because that costume is no longer mine, it doesn't mean that I cannot feel upset when you're not doing justice for a series that I love and adore.

I suddenly regret selling off my costume to someone who is not able to appreciate 07-Ghost but by all means, go ahead and cosfool all you want, I can bear with it. Not being able to accept an opinion is one thing I can't stand. And the fact that you hurt my friend is another.

On a happier note, I had a lot of fun cosplaying with [livejournal.com profile] karie89! She was an absolutely adorable Miku and my goodness she was pretty! *w*

[livejournal.com profile] karie89 as Hatsune Miku
Myself as Kaito
Photo by Darrell

If you're wondering where the scarf has gone, it's actually around my waist haha. It was inconvenient to strangle myself while I worked so it was better for it to be around my waist. Will be altering the scarf so that it fits better around my collar.

I'm really happy with how the headphones turned out. All the hard work and time spent was worth it! It required a lot of experimenting and the final product looks good! *w*

Thoughts about other parts of CF will be up later on. Numbers are plaguing my mind right now.
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