May. 21st, 2010

miura_mika: (Tamaki =3)
Was supposed to post this last night but I got too tired and left it at... half a post lol.

Recently, [ profile] a_songfor_xx was in KL so I accompanied her for day 2 of her trip.

We went to KL tower )
miura_mika: (Tamaki =3)
Now that I'm on holiday, I have time to cook hehehehe. But just simple stuff for now, I'm just too lazy to wash everything that comes with the cooking orz.

Warning : Image heavy )
miura_mika: (Tamaki =3)
I know how to drive to PJ on my own now yay! Just to SS2 for now though orz. But its a start! *o*

The Teapot Cafe )

Seafood in Selayang )
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