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Entries about my life is friends-only while the rest of it (mostly food reviews or sharing bits of information) will be made public.

If you want me to add you (if I haven't already added you), please leave a comment here so I know you're actually reading my journal and not just adding me aimlessly.

Thank You~

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It's now 2 days after Comic Fiesta and yet I still feel the fatigue from lack of sleep!

A good friend of mine recently took a verbal blow for me recently =/ I felt really bad for her and at the same time, I was touched because she was willing to stand up for my beliefs and her own.

When you wear a wig of one character and a costume of another, it's not called creativity. It's called cosfooling. Even the most novice of cosplayers would be able to understand that. Just because that costume is no longer mine, it doesn't mean that I cannot feel upset when you're not doing justice for a series that I love and adore.

I suddenly regret selling off my costume to someone who is not able to appreciate 07-Ghost but by all means, go ahead and cosfool all you want, I can bear with it. Not being able to accept an opinion is one thing I can't stand. And the fact that you hurt my friend is another.

On a happier note, I had a lot of fun cosplaying with [livejournal.com profile] karie89! She was an absolutely adorable Miku and my goodness she was pretty! *w*

[livejournal.com profile] karie89 as Hatsune Miku
Myself as Kaito
Photo by Darrell

If you're wondering where the scarf has gone, it's actually around my waist haha. It was inconvenient to strangle myself while I worked so it was better for it to be around my waist. Will be altering the scarf so that it fits better around my collar.

I'm really happy with how the headphones turned out. All the hard work and time spent was worth it! It required a lot of experimenting and the final product looks good! *w*

Thoughts about other parts of CF will be up later on. Numbers are plaguing my mind right now.
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I am so very forgetful nowadays either because I have too many things to do/think about or I'm just really plain forgetful orz.

Notes to self on what to do. If I'm supposed to do something for you and it's not listed here... please remind me! )

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Just a simple conversation always flows to fandom related things.

Convo! )

I love my fandom ♥
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I am freaking sick of my stupid props which don't seem to work no matter what.

I am freaking sick of people calling me, SMS-ing me, hounding me CONSTANTLY about why they haven't gotten their ticket confirmations even though they only sent me the payment A DAY AGO.

I am freaking sick of the people who are not communicating with each other.

I am freaking sick of my costume still stuck in Kelantan and my lenses stuck in Korea which has been ordered months and months ago and yet never seem to appear.

I am freaking sick of not being able to fall asleep even under drowsy medication because my mind is thinking about all mentioned above.

I am freaking sick of things that were promised over and over and over again and nothing ever happening in the end.

I am freaking sick of people who cannot understand proper instructions.

I am freaking sick of people who don't understand simple English.

Comic Fiesta is in 15 days and nothing is done. NOTHING.

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I hate it when my plans are changed.
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Only after a twitter discussion, I realized that I hardly go for any other conventions.

Listing conventions~ )
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I've been rather evil lately =/ I've been ignoring my livejournal and updating wordpress so often orz.

If you don't already know of it's existance... Deliciouslogy@wordpress is now my food blog. I just want my posts to be google-able so I decided to use wordpress instead *coughsyioksendiribetulcough*

Final exams begin next week and I've been so lazy, not wanting to study and feeling that my life currently sucks cause it revolves around studying, studying and studying. But hey, all of us have that moment in life and I'm pretty sure there'll be more complains about my working life later on XP

Cut for long rambling~ Pics underneath! )

What am I complaining about? Life's pretty good, isn't it? =)
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I ish jakun-ing at the prettiness and the bling-ness that is the Estee Lauder gold set *o*

By nothing short of a miracle, my mum managed to get the set and of course, I got to yank a few things =3

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Bakerzin's website can be found here.

Onwards~ )
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+What songs are you currently addicted to?
Kalafina's Parallel Hearts, Rapbit & Zebra's Just be Friends.

+What's your favorite season?
Winter. Even if it goes to -10 degrees in a foreign country.

+What’s the latest movie you watched?
Going The Distance. Very obscene movie. Please don't bring your parents to watch it like my roommate did LOL.

+What is the one skill you wish you had?
To be able to play a music instrument... awesome-ly? =3

+What’s your current fandom/obsession/addiction?

+Favourite time of day?

+What web sites do you always visit when you go online?
Yahoo, Google, Livejournal, Facebook, Cure, CF forum

+What was the last thing you bought?
A glass of guava juice

+If you won 10,000 bucks today, what would you do with it?
Invest invest invest!

+What is your fondest memory?

+What's the last thing that made you happy?
Mooncake festival celebration. There was a feeling of satisfaction hosting it haha.

+Do you want to learn another language?

+Five things you can’t live without.
Sleep. Food. Food. Camera. Laptop.
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For some reason, my host has been mentioning that Malaysians seem to love Mos Burger.

... I don't exactly love Mos burger =/

Mos burger's website can be found here.

I will tell you why I don't exactly love Mos burger )
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During my recent trip to Singapore, my host's nice, nice parents treated [livejournal.com profile] forlorn_slayer and I to dinner at Soup Restaurant.

And if you think all the food is soupy and all that... it isn't. I really don't know why it's called Soup Restaurant haha.

Soup Restaurant's website can be found here.

We had too much to eat. There was "Cold Chicken", stir-fried fish slices, stir-fried sweet potato leaves, tofu prawn, fried mantou and lotus root & pork rib soup.

That was 4 people. If I had a white flag, I would have waved it lol.

And pics of the nyam nyam food~ )
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There has been 2 forms of major damage to my car recently.

1) The passenger side window - which has been fixed by the mechanic

2) The bumper - which were fixed by amateurs =D

Let's have a look at the amateur work, shall we? )
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Cause I got into another accident today.

Tl;dr )

I'm gonna plant my butt on the couch until the 7th Lunar month passes.

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Was out for a movie and dinner with [livejournal.com profile] ezelthecheezel.

PLEASE DO NOT WATCH 'VAMPIRES SUCK'. They should really rename the movie to 'THIS MOVIE SUCKS' or something like that. Yes, it may appeal to those twilight bashers out there but really now, this is too much. It was funny, yes. But it's not witty. To some point, it was really too stupid to comprehend =w=

I guess only people who has watched the movie and hated it would understand this parody orz.

Dinner was at Spaghetti Grill. Food was worth it and good! Don't underestimate a Chillis lookalike lol! As for the review, I'll keep it for another day. Chillis is currently closed for renovation if I'm not wrong

Onwards to cosplay trials~ )
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Because today is the Independence Day of Malaysia, I decided to tweet in BM. And honestly it's much more difficult than it really is!

And I DIDN'T use the English-BM dictionary. Really! D=

And here's the log chronologically =D )

Yeap. Really difficult. Hello rotten BM. How I missed you.
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Some people have been wondering what prompted me to write this last Friday as my FB status:

Audrey Mika Leong I have a question for my muslim friends, what is the penalty for damaging other people's property and stealing during the month of Ramadhan? ._.

I had no chance to explain. Not when the incident happened just 5 hours before I was South-bound for Singapore.

Why the price of carelessness? )
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It's very rare when my whole family, yes, all four of us go for a movie. The last movie we went for together... was... umm... Spiderman? I think? So when mum wanted to watch Inception, the whole family is going to watch Inception.

At this point, you're wondering why my title is 'The Last Airbender' instead of 'Inception'.

GSC's website lieeeeeeeeeeeeeed to me =w= I'm very sure that I saw CHERAS leisure mall and not JB leisure mall *rolls eyes at cashier*. So yeah, we ended up watching The Last Airbender instead.

So. The movie.

Bro started complaining that the animation is SO MUCH better. Well, that's the problem when a movie is an existing story.

Cut for spoilers )

Oh well. The fact that I was with my family made it better.

Now, I'm off to study bleh.
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Photos are from my phone though. Since I wanted to tweet and I was lazy to take photos with my camera.

After folding with the cheese filling

While frying, they actually puffed up <3 See how cute they look now <3

And here are all of them <3

They're actually just wantan skin with shredded mozarella cheese inside. And that's it.

Absolutely sinful <3

And my pick-me-up/cheer-me-up is now hitz.fm's parodies XD

I don't mind listening to them over and over again. It makes me lmao and honestly, I feel much better after that.

And last part of this post is dedicated to my 'niece'. That's cause she calls me 'ah yee'. I was lucky to capture 3 expressions of hers. So cute <3 She's 3 this year I think.

Her dad taught her to pose like this. Alamak. 3 year old also know how to pose like Japanese x.x


Look at her rabbit teeth. So cute <3

Lately I've been so ridiculously short tempered and irritated/annoyed. Sadly, the annoyance has gone unnoticed to the person whom the annoyance is directed at. Oh well.
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