Mar. 26th, 2010

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BL shoot:

[ profile] a_songfor_xx : For bearing with my non-existant seme-ness ORZ. My only comment on this is... when you can't do it, you just can't x.x

[ profile] ithronluin, [ profile] _deru, [ profile] sairenmizuko and [ profile] lavhire : Thank you my dear dear dear photogs and my dear director! I finally met [ profile] sairenmizuko in real life and she is every bit as hyper as she is online! 8D and after how many many many years... [ profile] lavhire, good to see you and thank you so much for coming ;w; especially from so far away. [ profile] _deru, for patting my head when I was emo-ing due to the non-ability to well... seme ;w; and [ profile] ithonluin, thank you sayang for actually skipping your group discussion <3 and gomen that we seem to move whenever you want to get a shot orz.

Thanks guys ;w; for bearing with me... in my exhaustion and lack of sleep (1 1/2 hours wtf!) I can be quite irritable and uncooperative ><


Skywolf for the transport <3 Thank you thank you thank you thank you so much ;___________; So so so so sorry for being so last minute and the lack of updates ahhhhh gomen >< Reina for awesome company and for all the awesome music <3 These two are just too entertaining and amusing for their own good XD

My dear bunk buddies, [ profile] forlorn_slayer for the hotel arrangements and keeping up while we ran around GACC, [ profile] ezelthecheezel for company, teh ais and McD, [ profile] dekongmeishizuo for the ride home, thank you thank you thank you for driving us back although you were already dead tired from handling your booth >< and [ profile] a_songfor_xx for the coffee on Sunday morning and for cosplaying my Aya-tan <3 my confidence in cosplay/crossplay has certainly gone up a notch half a notch and I definitely enjoyed cosplaying with you <3

KCLee, Razrig, blur and Fazri for the mini-shoots during GACC. Thank you so very very much for willingly sweltering in the heat and producing absolutely beautiful shots that make me not look like myself <3

Thank you for making my first and last GACC a memorable one <3

These are the days where I feel grateful for having such wonderful people in my life <3 <3 <3


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